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Producers of the the next generation in digitally enhanced games and collectables.

Introducing the

The worlds first, digitally enhanced, board gaming platform.  With the Hexle there are no limitations on the types of games and experiences that can be created.  Digitally enhanced chess games.  Strategy games that use entire collections of toys.  Turn based adventure games.  Real time board games. The opportunities are endless.  The Hexle is the next generation of play that brings together toy collection, video-gaming, and board-gaming. 

The Hexle

Our Purpose

To successfully commercialise the Hexle: A digitally enhanced boardgaming platform

Suffuse Inc. aims to provide a platform for new and exciting methods of play that open up new market opportunities for the toy, video-game, and board-gaming industries.


Our business is to promote the growth and success of the Hexle, extending the enjoyment of the Hexle to many markets by offering the ultimate playground that enriches users' entertainment. 

The goal is to provide the world with a unique gaming platform that everyone can enjoy together.

Our Purpose
"Even if the major players did pull away from the toys-to-life market, the idea of connected toys will be kept alive by a wellspring of smaller companies who are working on elaborating how the ideas of physical toys and video games can interact"
Steve Bailey - IHS

The Opportunity

Suffuse Inc. is presenting an incredible opportunity to be a part of something that will, in many ways, redefine the landscape of play.  Suffuse is always looking to forge new relationships that are essential to take the Hexle to next level with licensee acquisition, manufacturing and distribution, promoting, and into the future.

The Opportunity

Industry Benefits

The industry of play stands to benefit with the inclusion of the Hexle into the market in many ways.  The Hexle :

  • uses currently adopted and proven technologies and methodologies

  • provides additional revenue streams for the toy, video and tabletop gaming industries

  • promotes partnerships across the 3 market sectors mentioned above

  • can track toy usage to help determine brand and marketing direction, without compromising any personal user data

  • is future proof through patents


Suffuse Inc. envisions an industry where video game development studios work along side toy manufactures to distribute digitally interactive, cost effective, collectables.  Table top gaming companies collaborating with development studios to include digital elements for added excitement and to assist gamers in reducing the learning curve.  An eco-system where these sectors of the industry can come together to create new experiences for the consumer.

Licensing and Royalty Structure

The Hexle platform is open to developers, studios, brands, franchises to develop gaming experiences for their own properties.  To do this, Suffuse Inc. will be providing an SDK with the license of the Hexle that will assist  developers in building their applications and games that can communicate through the Hexle  gaming platform.

The licensing model  will be tiered so that it can accommodate large enterprising multi-brand companies, independent toy and development studios and  tinkerers.

Additionally, a royalty structure will be put in place for each Hexle associated toy or collectable sold.

Data Capture

Product Data

  • play usage

  • character usage

  • character experience

Platform Data

  • platform connections

  • time of play

  • online vs. offline

  • app data

Player Data

  • P2P play

  • leaderboards

  • microtransactions

  • duration

The Future

But that's not where it ends.  In it's ultimate incarnation the Hexle will be among the headlining E-Sports platforms of the future.


The Hexle provides the ability to create custom, 3D game board environments where the players interact physically as well as digitally and where the collectables themselves become fan favourites as they level up.

    Pixelnomial Studios

    Shareholder, Product Design and Development

    Pixelnomial Studios is responsible for the concept, design and development of the Hexle.  This small versatile studio takes on projects of interest that include: toy design, product development, web design, installations, branding, game design and more all to support the creation and development of their own platforms. 

    Bobby Stewart


    Bobby Stewart helps brands and great products succeed in consumer retail markets – specialising in apparel and fashion, sporting goods and toys. Skilled in sales, business development, multi-channel retail, product and brand development.

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    Amit Singh

    Shareholder and Consultant 

    A skilled Business Developer with a thorough understanding of the Product, Sales and Marketing process that is anchored in an operational know how and sense of urgency. With demonstrated success within the toy and sporting goods industry. Continually looking to exercise his entrepreneurial spirit and investment experience in white space opportunities and ventures.

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    Shareholder and Support

    Northumberland CFDC provides lending and other funding  solutions for small and medium-sized business start up, stabilisation and expansion.  Year over year, they have maintained record lending across Northumberland, helping entrepreneurs grow and thrive. 

    We are a small, determined team of hard working creatives and professionals looking to inspire and build relationships that will provide the means to take the Hexle to market.

    The Holders

    The Holders

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